Monday, July 10, 2017


as far as incognito rendezvous go,
whether east, west, up or down,
then deciding whether dangerous
or just for a public viewing show.

and finally, deciding who to hang or who
to honor in the public show of affection.
and later deciding who to flog.
hopefully won't be me or you as we sing
wee, wee, wee, all the way home.

something lascivious, then?
oh, please, not another gargoyle
lost in lingerie isle in Walmart?

come on, that story gets old, fast!
nothing gives a guy nightmares
faster than gargoyles dressed in
latest fashion of Walmart lingerie

oh, squeeze me, mama;
I'm feeling the need!

there is a truth
a truth so unbearable
it begs for death

a death so reproachable
it begs for life 
a life so apprehinsible 

truth never enters the equation 
and life and death
duel for supremacy 

letting go  of one's inhibitions
seemed a good idea at the time.
but now, so it seems, 
someone may have lied. 

however, that proverbial bird of paradise
long ago fled the nest;
searching for so much more
than paradise ever could procure.

some psycho clown routine;
old, tired and stupid.
but at same time, wonderfully
clever for a routine dead
longer than vaudeville. 

but, hey, guy's gotta do
and screw the consequences.
and don't shoot the messenger.
that's just plain nasty.

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