Monday, April 17, 2017


Now the field of battle is a land of standing corpses;
those determined to die will live;
those who hope to escape with their lives will die.

W U  C H 'I

those ghosts of yesteryear are still there, waiting.
waiting for us to come full circle.
and we will, we must, we know no different.
we, all of us, must come full circle;
it is part of our DNA.

An enemy that commits a false ruined,
and it comes on him with an impetuosity 
that allows him no time to recover.

Cuthbert Collingwood  (1748-1810)

Desperate affairs require desperate remedies. 

Nelson (1758-1805)

No matter what may be the ability of the officer,
if he loses the confidence of his troops 
disaster must sooner or later ensue.

R.E. Lee, August 1863

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