Tuesday, April 25, 2017


our natural inclinations,
separating one from another,
depend on our IQs proving
our inclinations on the
straight and narrow.

none intractable,
reading from book of
deep headiness.

leaving retractors in deep
distress, while
stretching a few wantonness
what we became, after years
of practice, sets the course
for our final arrival;
our final destination;
escaping our lifelong fears.

dust to dust, they say.
so, okay, dust to dust, then.

don't panic. but if you must,
panic somewhere else;
I don't need the mess.
thank you.

The screaming, mostly steady,
but not necessarily excessively;
but why quibble over semantics?

fanatics need untie, now,
to escape the madness coming down,
fixing to tear us a new one.

well, we're in an insane society, so....

 having been one,
gone off the deep end a time or two.
but only to check just how deep
and sleep deprivation.
not to mention commonsense
deficiency causing wide range
of mood swings; causing serious
ringing in one's central lobe.

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