Wednesday, February 22, 2017


thinking beyond scope of thoughts.
of a quid pro quo mentality.
one for all mandate, 
no longer fits into modern day status quo.
no hocus-pocus for show and tell.
well now, ain't that just swell? 
just another pragmatic arrogant show. 
let those almighty winds blow.

feeling a bit pragmatic 
nothing all that dramatic
nothing serious to cause static
hiding out in one's attic
while ice floats in Atlantic
where lays deep RMS Titanic 

okay, okay, a bit late for Valentines photo, yah.
but hey, late is better than sleeping in
and not waking to a new day dawning, isn't it? 
don't ask me why, I just might up and cry.

okay, one more photo and we'll call this a post



Sherry Ellis said...

Those are a lot of Valentines Day balloons! I wonder what they did with the ones they didn't sell.

Nice picture on the bottom!

richard said...

a very good question, Sherry. Thanks for dropping by.