Saturday, February 11, 2017


he had devil's own smile, he did.
and some of what he did,
could suggest devilish behavior.
and slick and slippery, he was.
and he was a foreigner;
and we all know hat foreigners are:

pigs shit like there's no tomorrow;
then they roll in it.
isn't that just wonderful?
I have known pigs, I have.
but we won't get into that. 
that was another place, another time, another world.
have had enough of pigs.
won't be going back to that place, time, world.
have had all the pig shit I could stand;
at least for this lifetime, and
far off into the far off unknowns. 
and, no, have never slept with a pig.
at least quite certain I have not.
however, parts of my younger self
remain just a bit foggy.
i better stop this, before I start
remembering things best left foggy. 

Have just finished a great book: The Shadow of The Wind,

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