Wednesday, February 1, 2017


to simply say it is cold outside,
does not come close to describing
how cold it is outside.

let's start with zero degrees, Fahrenheit.
now, with our starting point zero,
our days a few degrees above lustrous zero,
and our nights several degrees below.

and to make things, even more interesting;
throw in some wind and snow.
ho, ho, ho! now we're talking cold!

here is South Dakota, and north of here,
even colder! ho, ho, ho, ho!

my philosophy is:  don't have any.
philosophy only confuses the issues,
muddies up the works. 
who needs this? certainly not I. do you?

mentality of a cult under guise of happiness forever.

hate will eat your face off; it has been said.
protect your face with love, love, love!
no one needs their face eaten off by  hate!
love, love, love, live it up with love. 

when sins of the father go unpaid,
those sins fall to the son.
and this trend continues, unabated,
until those sins, at last, paid for. 

one man's exploits are his woman's headaches. 

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