Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Steve Martini, The Enemy Inside.

I walk outside. 
it is 7 degrees.
snow is falling.
wind is blowing.
I say: hell with this!
I go back inside.
by the time I get back inside,
my face is already
the color of the poem.
winter is angry, for some reason. 

surrealism, woven through the ages
becomes succinct;
producing quivering waves,
reverberating aimlessly, but

concocting grotesque images,
for purpose of infuriating 
disgusting cloud forming
grey matters concerning 
grotesque images.

succumb to a calling, a
shouting out; right on schedule.
with nerves on overdrive,
vibrating at an intense frequency,
eager to burnout.


Karen S. said...

I enjoyed all your photos, even if I'm about ready to get rid of winter, because you are right, for the moment this past week and actually before that, winter is angry and it is giving it back to us! I hope and pray 2017 brings us more joy and happiness and a bit less doom and gloom!

richard said...

Thank you, Karen. and, yes, getting to be a rough winter, for sure!
below zero again this week. spring will look so very good to us this year.