Tuesday, November 8, 2016


why? don't know? yah, I get that. I do. you should too.
and, you know, pharmacies are sticking it to us!

he has himself a mistress. his wife knows and doesn't care.
his wife is someone else's mistress; and has been longer 
than he has had his mistress. fair is fair. it's this new society
we now find ourselves living in. I get that. I do. do you?

could not pay me enough to go to Walmart. 
but she lives there; so if I want to see her.......

later we'll talk of strange places in foreign tongues. 

in quiet of night
a cat fight
disturbs peaceful sleep

well, obviously, this photo, from a few months back.
well, better late than never, so here it is,
in all its radiant splendor. 

hanging out with pigeons.
nothing good will come of it.

and those pigeons, 
those birds have much better things to do;
as you and I do.

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