Saturday, August 27, 2016


vote for clean underwear!

not one iota, twice over,
but for contradictions.
and some herbal tea.
smile, buddy, you're on candid......
oh, hell no! you're not!

now, enter a poltergeists
for some shits and giggles.
well, poltergeists,
not so good at shits.
but, man! for giggles,
can't beat 'em!

and for fun, poltergeists 
are top of the heap!
and for those not having met
a full fledged poltergeist,
well, you folks ain't lived!

everyone, i mean everyone,
ought have a poltergeist in their lives.
enriches one's life like one cannot believe!
that' the only way to fly,
and i do mean fly!

bless you! bless me!
and bless those fun loving 

what? why yes, a poltergeist did write this. 

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