Monday, November 30, 2015


geese on back nine,
waiting, not so very patiently,
wanting to play through.

or, in this case, fly through.

don't have any photos of geese
on the back nine
waiting to play thought.
but plenty of those photos on internet
for our viewing pleasure. 

and, I have no thoughts of sitting
on any golf course, anytime soon,
just for a chance shot at
(photo! photo shot!)
some, not so patient, geese
wanting to play(fly) through.
that one lone duck will have to do.


Friko said...

No matter how amusing your poems (?), snippets (?) are, there’s always a few grains of wisdom hidden.
I’ll keep scratching and pecking away.

richard said...

well, yes, suppose so. I'll keep on keeping up with what I do. Thank You, Friko.