Wednesday, July 15, 2015


it's the color, damn it!
the color!
makes me all crazy like!
will not apologize!
not my fault, no!

it's the color damn it!
do I need say it again?
is this not enough?
the color, damn it!

alright then, carry on. 

feels so much better
after a bath
when she plays with my ass
and combs the cobwebs 
from my brain
relieving the strain 
and calls me colorful names

intelligence not required,
just persistence. 

alright, so I like Bonnie Tyler.
so sue me, or
take out to supper and get me drunk.
your call, but
i need be in by 9. pm.
she raises holy hell if i ain't home by 9!
and i will be punished.
and believe when i say,
she knows how to punish.
she's had lots of practice, on me.


Sherry Ellis said...

Grays and blues can be kind of depressing.

richard said...

Thank you, Sherry.