Wednesday, February 5, 2014


yes, normally, but
abnormally considering
direction of travel
and whether or not
mail makes in on time

time irrelevant
past prime directive
will all come to pass gas
all in prime time
we need get in line

we had this box
the box was empty
we filled the box
the box wasn't empty

do you have a box?
is your box empty?
fill your box
your box won't be empty

I'm smart that way,
knowing so much about boxes
as I do.

how cool is cool
without the right tools
making one's dreams come true?

down, ladies! he's married!

self fornicating frogs
in private pond
nothing, at all, to do
with cost of living.

but what else is new?
i ask again:
what else is new,
except for horny frogs
in private pool?

would you tell if you knew
about frogs that screw?
sure you would, wouldn't you?
frogs should have their fun
in a sunny private pond
in full view of me and you

i don't give a shit,
but that's just me.
don't know about you.

we all  have our opinions
according to weight,
height and sex appeal.

and medication.
of course, medication.
probably biggest factor of all.

ya, Prozac; good stuff.
i should take some now.
so should you.
we'll have ourselves
a Prozac party for two.

broaden my horizons?
why, yes, vaguely remember
doing just that.
that's probably why
i look so damned good
in black t-shirts
and black underwear.

if not so, why would she
keep buying me
black Ts and underwear?

I figure someday
being crazy famous
in black Ts and underwear.
might even make
cover of Play Girl.

dream on, you foolish boy!
dream on!

There is poetry as soon as we realize that we possess nothing.

John Cage



Lovely blog !
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richard said...

Thank you, Rajiv