Tuesday, February 18, 2014


after reading some of my stuff,
you're probably wondering:
was the guy ever educated?
That's a fair question.

often wonder that myself.
but, as it turns out, I was.
at least to a point
that has nothing to do
with what for where,
if I were to be completely fair.

think part of my problem,
consumption of too much mustard
growing up.
this has yet to be confirmed
by anyone with any knowledge
of mustard or much of
anything else
without crowing about it.
without caving in
and putting it on you-tube.

speaking of crows:
they keep looking at me
as if I'm a potential meal.

that makes me very nervous!
so much so,
I don't go out much!
those bastard crows!

give 'em a chance,
they'll eat you!

all the good people
have been eaten
by alligators.

I'm still here,
so, guess, I'm no good.
if you're reading this,
you're probably bored
to tears.

well, how frickin' wonderful!
no, I mean fabulous.
I am so happy for you.
really, I am, and
expect you be happy for me, too!

we'll talk over alligator stew.
maybe some split-pea soup.
then we'll examine 
each other's poop
for the meaning of life,
and what lies beyond.

we'll start with your wife.
work up from there.
do you think she'll care?

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman


Friko said...

There comes a point when it’s no longer relevant.
It’s much more relevant to string some excellent sentences together and make a poem, even a nonsense poem.

richard said...

yes, relevance, and maybe some commonsense. but nonsense seems to be in its prime, these days. thanks, Friko.

Helena said...

Entertaining stuff again, Richard! Well done.....and I adore Walt Whitman, his life story fascinates me!

richard said...

Thank you, Helena. may peace and contentment be yours.

Rose said...

Very entertaining indeed! Nonsense! to be able to write like this requires a sharp mind and I'd say you got it :)

richard said...

Thank you, Rose.

Rajiv Sankarapillai said...

You are a good poet :)
Cheers !

richard said...

Thank you, Rajiv.