Wednesday, February 12, 2014


how wonderful, then
not so wonderful.
but, 'til the end,
through it all,
we'll still be friends.

so, guess, suppose
that's what wonderful is,
my wonderful friend.
friends 'til the end.

so bend over friend.
here comes the end.
to beautiful beginnings.
and beautiful ends.

and you know, and you know,
and you truly do know.
and so much of what you know,
just wind blowing.
just whispering winds
following chosen path
laid down, down
by those in the know.

and it be our memories
that what must suffer so.
just because of what we don't know.
and we listen as wind does blow.

just looking at me
makes one think, possibly
I'm a monkey's uncle.

but further examination
reveals my tail 
showing signs of decay.

my ancestry points more
towards witchcraft
with a bit of abscess
leading the way
trailing behind.

this matters not.
I'm feeling fine

well, moon is leaving.
it's all packed up.
moving to Mars.

moon is tried of us.
tired of our arrogance.
our attitudes.
afraid someday
we might actually
make it another state!

and that would be disastrous
for the moon!
all that garbage!
surface covered in beer cans!

nope, ain't gonna happen!
moon's outta here!
good riddance earth!
can't take no more!

well, I for one, don't blame it!
if anything,
why didn't it leave sooner??

okay, people! Valentines!
coming up quick!
let's not forget, shall we?
no, no, can't forget, can we?

some of us know
what happens
when we forget, don't we?

Poetry is the language in which men explores his own amazement.

Christopher Fry


Karen S. said...

Oh I know! made my day, still laughing here. Great happy and cheery heart day photos!

richard said...

Thank you. Karen. Happy Valentines Day.....

Linda said...

Very good! :) Happy Valentine's Day.

richard said...

Thank you, Linda. and Happy Valentines Day to you...


Have an amazing unforgettable Valentine's day !
Beautiful post :)