Thursday, January 23, 2014


it's very depressing
jumping into 2014
none the smarter,
certainly none the wiser
than i was in 2013.

but I'm sure
you're doing just fine,
as smart and so damned
good looking 
as you are.

it's not fair, you know.
you've got both
smarts and good looks
carrying you up and over.

then there's guys like me,
afraid to sit on the pot.
afraid they'll flush
their dreams away!

really, does this look like a fun day to be outside?

the monkey in me
says go climb a tree.
i tell that stupid monkey
go get screwed!

it's zero degrees outside
with wind and snow!
I'm going back to bed!

stupid monkey!

you know, it's like
not knowing whether
to laugh or to cry.

then, someone kicks
your ass and you cry.
it's that easy.

then, search for laughter,
but it's hidden behind
doubt and that pizza
i had for supper last night.

less than never
cost of living fast

of adjusting our speed
matching whatever
never has to offer

not ever expecting 
we should live fast forever
but, of course, cash
always, cash

turning loose emotion
escaping reality
justifies emotional breakdown
and brains came falling out
head full of doubt

dumb does not cover it
it takes paint
lots and lots of paint
color sensitive
dark shades
hide all blemishes
fat faced freaks
blistering power hogs
devil influenced 
evil dancing, dancing

 suppose I should explain this,
or just delete it.

no, I'll do neither!
I suffered writing it,
you can suffer reading it!

well, its this damned cold miserable winter!
its messin' with my head!

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