Wednesday, January 15, 2014


her, him and another guy
in most circles
three is a crowd

rumors say she's good
that good
so just maybe
three is not a crowd

but wanton desire
at least this once
one time around
not bragging
just very proud

my tongue, capable
tasting love from as far
as a mile away

not that i would ever
allow my tongue
to lead me astray

except for a few
special irrelevant days
such as yesterday
today and tomorrow.

and, of course, whenever
you're free

envy, decadent desire
simple twist of fate
blood  colors

now that, that jolly old fellow,
red suit and sleigh,
has come, done his thing
(limited roof damage)
for 2013,

it's time for us survivors,
get up, prepare for 2014.
prepare ourselves
for the on sloth
2014 has in store for us.

and we are all victims
of Walmart!
I saw you there,
and u didn't look happy!

well, when I was just
a young fart,
I could walk on water.

but only in winter
when water is solid.
but, solid water
so very, very cold,
in not place for
an old fart
with old fragile bones.

so no more water walking
for this old fart.
better off staying home in bed
covering my head.

not only is reality cruel,
it knows where we live.

you could be next.....

you won't like what's coming!
just stay in bed until it passes.

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