Tuesday, January 28, 2014


shitting here bored, then
you post something
so damned good
I fall in love with you

and run to the bedroom
to service myself
thinking about you

and what you'd do
if you were to think 
I'm damned cool, too.

this needs to stop, doesn't it?

some ideas are just ideas
while others
spring to life
get a job
get married
raise a family
get fired
wife leaves
takes kids

what we all need
are better ideas

burning, burning hunk of love!

could have been anything
i wanted to be
but i chose me
and you chose you

just look at you
you're magnificent 
super wonderful

i should have chose you
and left me for you
how fantastic for me
not so for you

there's always a drunk
needing a sober thought
so as to locate
some more booze
in order to stay drunk
in a funk
in a trunk
in over their heads
while hiding
under their beds

i stink just as much today
as i did yesterday
and probably tomorrow as well

yes, i could shower,
take a bath,
or soak myself in cream
and let the cats
lick me clean

all those possibilities 
yet, here i sit
stinking up a storm
fighting with the pigs
for some corn

The true poet is all the time a visionary 
and whether with friends or  not,
as much alone as a man on his death bed.

W.B. Yeats


Helena said...

lol.....made me smile these did. Love the bench cowboy btw - looks like he's been well posed with!

That drunk poem is a hoot. I may add some chords to it and sing it to a now sober someone!

richard said...

Thank you. Helena. ya, that cowboy,
women all over him. poor guy can't get a break! I know how the poor guy feels.......