Wednesday, January 8, 2014


devil teaches dance
every Tuesday
and Thursday nights
bingo hall
immediately following

there will be ding-dongs
following dance

later romance
bring your own
romance partner

don't have one?
devil will provide one.

devil will serve

there will be
after those ding-dongs

but no flowers
flowers are sissy
so says devil
with a smile
no flowers

desperation calls my bluff
raises me tenfold
i raise my hands in retreat

desperation wins
hands down as usual
leaving me to wander

life's lonely roads

of course, 
we're never truly alone, are we?

I've just noticed
i have 20 poems in draft
(21 now)
waiting for my blogs
to suck them in
suck them dry
bear their children
to give them life
how lucky u are, and you,
to be blessed
with all this fine literature.
all this beautiful poetry.
and best of all,
it's all free, free!
could you ever have
imagined in you wildest
dreams, your craziest
nightmares, running across
such a great personality?
one of those
once in a lifetime events?
truly, you have been
blessed beyond measure!
by now you have this
strong urge to reach out
and touch somebody,
don't you?

how fragile the world
when temps drop
far below zero

and north winds growl
roaring through
winter's trees
ripping away life
in it's icy breath

I'm quite satisfied with
Tuesday following Monday
and then Wednesday
so forth and so on

seems to work quite well
but now I've mentioned it
suppose some busybody
gets to work changing it!

wish I had something brilliant to say about this photo,
but, no, I don't, so.........

okay, I'm sorry! well, not really, so.......

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