Sunday, December 29, 2013


yes, reincarnation.
I'll be back as a mouse,
and I'll be dinner
for a hawk.

then, after I'm hawk shit,
who the hell knows?
i might come back as you!
think about that!

I tell myself I'll stop this nonsense.
and I do for a day, hour.
then, here I am again
typing away, thinking
I have something to add
to this already overrun
collection of runaway words,
flowing like an out of control river
waiting for some brave soul to
dam up this renegade flow
of renegade, backwater
river of madness.


that's the question, isn't it?
whether or not we'll survive
these ridiculous reality shows
that now plague our TV sets?

Duck Dynasty? really?
people actually watch that?
won't even try
listing all those idiotic
really shows!
so damned many!

are we that desperate
for entertainment?
music, books,
what happened to those?
so much great books to read.
so much beautiful music.
and there we are;
watching Duck Dynasty!
a sign of humanity in decay!

here's some more plastic
for all you plastics lovers.
and, you're quite welcome.
some kind of Christmas decoration, I think.
yes, I think, occasionally.
in the event i don't post this
before Christmas 2013,
this is then, for Christmas 2014.
again, you're welcome.

more plastic; for Christmas 2013
or 2014.
heck, maybe 2015.
just get 'er done, and it's done.
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year,
whichever year, okay?

Don't know  what the heck this is,
but here it is in all it's radiance.
favoritism, neither here nor there.
I'll leave it to you
to either cry or laugh
or go take a good healthy crap,
and not come back.
by the time I post this,
it'll probably be 2014, so
Happy New Year.
do you drink beer?

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