Monday, December 9, 2013


forcing myself to concentrate
not easy, considering
my temperament

and my footprints
leading and  lagging

setting my thoughts adrift
flooding my memories
with absolute doubt

inspire yourself
don't sit and wait
ain't no one else
doing it for ya.

clock is ticking
tick, tock, tick, tock!

that thing you're sitting on
needs some fresh air
get up, get out
and dance

your butt will thank you

told my share of lies,
but always just
those little white lies,

having no real meaning
in the greater scope of things
much greater lies

overlapping all my
little white ones
by those in power

there's a pig in a poke
begging for release
for Christmas

show your Christmas spirit
release a pig from bondage
in time for Christmas

compelling smooth voices
very smooth
cutting through all the crap

smoothing out rough edges
sweet words, colorful
singing words

above all the pounding
in our heads
peaceful smooth voices
sing beautifully

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