Wednesday, November 27, 2013


we all make cents,
then our scent turns
its back on us, and
stabs us in the butt

just because it can
and we run off 
in the cold winter moon
even though
its only June, so...

who keeps you warm
all the cold winter through? 
are u on Santa's list?

moonbeams glistening
on frozen pond
winter calm

I do crazy just as well as the next guy.
but I do it with so much style,
they often confuse me with the other guy.
so much so, 
I'm even starting to look like that guy.
I even look a little like you,
but don't go getting all shook;
i could never do like you do.
you're just so damned cool!

and unlike me, you're nobody's fool,
are you?
of course you're not!

flavored underwear.
that's right!
you heard me;
flavored underwear!
the latest thing!
in all our favorite flavors!

and the best thing:
instead of washing it,
we eat it!
I'm telling you straight up!

get in line, now!
this will be big, big!
you don't wanna miss out!

order now, while supplies last!
all your favorite flavors!
hurry, as this is a limited offer.
no refunds, please.

The beautiful uncut hair of graves.

Walt Whitman 

log is a log
as only a log knows
as a log should know

what a log should keep
secret for secret's sake
a knowing log knows
logs have no nose to blow

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