Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I do a couple pull-ups
and I pull something.
something I need not pull
for me to function 
properly in today's
narcissistic society.

one leg after the other;
butt puckered up;
eyes rolled back.

I'm quite certain
there is too much 
sugar in my diet.

what this world needs is more vitamins.
and for us to have brains enough to take them.

there needs to be limits.
not only on me,
but the entire human race.

left to right,
and right to left,
and back again if necessary.

a change in coloring.
wardrobe malfunctions
revealing surprising details

weak knees knocking 
a broken broom handle
place just so

shove it in, pull it out
repeat process
as required by law

fighting inside ourselves
for supremacy
of our own thoughts

our willingness to
sacrifice our own thoughts
for the betterment

of perfect dreams
our own imperfections
our deliverance 

from our own darkness
we keep buried deeply
so very deeply

our broken minds
our suicidal thoughts
revealing our looming demise

instead of sitting here
trading insults,
let's try something different
for a change of pace.

I'll say something nice
about you, and you
say something nice
about that neighbor
you hate so much.

then, I'll take your neighbor
out to lunch
and you'll get pissed
and we can go back to
trading insults.

sound like a plan?

quiet little town of Custer, S.D.
looking west, main street
tourists are gone.
winter closing in. 
Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent.
Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success.

Thomas Alva Edison

dark gloomy days
cold and windy
snow moving in
more winter weather in November
after a horrific October

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