Monday, November 4, 2013


massive swelling in
certain regions,
is not necessarily a bad thing.

it could possibly be
a false reading,
or a bad dream,
or a wrong turn
of events

near or close
to the polar region.

a good dream
depending upon DNA,
and type Z blood

a good loud, solid scream
often times
relieves massive swelling
at least short term.

and the burning?
that goes on forever.
no escaping the fire.

I'm starting to feel
like this old Chevy pick-up truck looks.
at least I still feel. 
that's something, at least.

we beg to be rescued 
but we don't really mean it;
we prefer to be lost.

there are exceptions,
but very costly,
so it's better
just to stay lost
and the hell with the cost.

she should know, she's the boss

impossible seeing tomorrow
as a means of escape.

should take at least a week
of arrogant Mondays
setting wheels in motion.

setting ourselves up
as sacrificial lambs
waiting for the slaughter.

wake up those chickens
gather up some eggs
go grab a hog
slice off some bacon

bacon and eggs
now we're talking breakfast
for dinner we'll fry up some chicken
for supper we'll slice off
some more of that hog

one final summer photo
backside of passing T-storm

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