Friday, October 25, 2013


said I wouldn't
use this blog anymore,
but why the hell not?

don't ask me why.
it would be just terrible
should people find out
i actually do have a brain
how small it is.
brain! brain! not...........

ah! here i go again,
making mountains out of

for a new thrill

but, when all else fails,
there's always a pill.

cloudy thoughts
penetrate deeply
dream rainbows

one by one, everyone
from here to kingdom come
i may be french fried
but I'll never be just
another son-of-a-gun
with a flapping tongue

what's for supper?

no one loves like a duck.
well, that's a lie!
ducks don't love,
they just eat, poop, and
of course, swim.
they swim a lot.
they seem to like to swim.
maybe even love to swim. 

this is heavy stuff!

all about expectations
will she?
won't she?
will the sky fall?
is the sky falling?
am I falling?

love is sticky

we are born into tradition,
regardless of the facts.

tradition has its own set of rules;
has nothing to do with the facts.

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