Thursday, July 25, 2013


those old cliches: 
"it is what it is"
well, certainly!
what else would it be,
but what it is?

Certainly, not what
it couldn't be, could it?

now, the question:
is it really what it is
all it can be?

more thought, perhaps?
you think about it.
I'll think about it.
we'll meet somewhere
between the two,
and settle for whatever
adds up to 4 or more.

but please
use the back door. 
we shouldn't be seen together.

I'm interested in doing everything and anything that I can
to squeeze that creativity out of my brain.
I guess I'm sort of a performance rat.

Dana Cook
I'm undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair. 

Hillary Clinton
The first time the word "hell" was spoken on TV was in an original
"STAR TREK' episode entitled "City of the Edge of Forever".
The exact quote was "let's get the hell out of her", spoken by William Shatner 

The mask used by Michael Myers in the original "Halloween" was
actually a Captain Kirk mask painted white.

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