Tuesday, June 25, 2013


come on, folks,
the economy needs you!
get out there and shop,
shop, shop, and shop!
Christmas is coming;
go Christmas shopping.
get that Thanksgiving 
turkey, now!
get 3 or 4 turkeys, right now!
Halloween decorations!
buy a new car, a house!
2 or 3 houses!
get a divorce, then remarry,
a couple of times!
come on, spend that money!
Uncle Sam, depending on us!
pull him out of the fire!
it's only money, spend it!
spend, spend, spend!
take out a loan,
and spend even more!
you can do it!
Your Uncle Sam needs you!
this means you and you!
and you foreigners,
get over here!
bring lots of money!

A single pair of Elvis' underpants has an estimated value of $1,300

(a pair of mine are on sale this week for only $29.99.)
plus shipping
get your order in while supplies last

I know what your thinking and it doesn't help!

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