Saturday, June 22, 2013


If you lined up all the slinkys ever made in a row they could wrap 
around the Earth 126 times.

Well, that's just great
but if we lined up
every dinky
that ever stole a show,
we'd have 2 dinkys
for every slinky
trips around Earth

Technically speaking, a female "dude" is known as a "dudine"

(its good you read this blog.)
where else would you find such great info?

Oh, and for you cat lovers:

The average cat has 24 whiskers 

now that's just an average,
and we all  know,
your cat is not average,  so.........

of course, neither are you, average
that's why you're so darned special...
and pretty, dang it you're so pretty...
if i were where you are,
i'd hug you, and kiss you,
and all kinds of fun stuff....

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