Wednesday, April 3, 2013


okay, i did it
i played tic-tac-toe
on her butt
while she slept

why is that such a crime?
I mean, 
it washes right off!
what's the problem?

why would she
get so damned excited?
scream bloody murder?
besides, she won!


joann chua said...

I love the title of this post.
Short but meaningful.

richard said...

Thank you very much, Joann. Nice meeting you.

joann chua said...

Welcome,nice to meet you too.
I am glad to hear from you and thanks for following my blog.Now,I am your new follower too.

Helena said...

LoL.......! Now THERE's an idea...!

richard said...

Thanks, Helena. Maybe I should have disclaimers with some of my poems.
"For official use only" "Do not try this at home"