Thursday, April 4, 2013


oxygen tax
yes, you read right
oxygen tax
a new revenue
they will tax our breathing

yes, our breathing
mount these small meters
not too small
insides of us, all of us

powered by our hearts
wired directly to our hearts
reading these, not too small meters
will be by satellite 

those poor big guys
working hard
working up a big sweat
will pay through the nose
(no pun intended)
well, maybe a little pun

only one way out
not paying oxygen tax
when the heart stops
no power for meter

the meter stops
usually breathing stops
should breathing not stop
consult undertaker
for advice

a little harsh, ya
but that's revenue
revenue hurts

so, you think I'm kidding?
we'll see, won't we

always exhale twice
for each inhale
screws up meter reading

keep breathing. 


Jinksy said...

always exhale twice
for each inhale
screws up meter reading

Love this advice! lol

Karen S. said...

So very often, I like how your thoughts work!

richard said...

Thank you Ladies.

richard said...

Oh, I'm sorry, Karen. How my thoughts work: I've had great success with AA batteries. Energizers work best.

Helena said...

Brilliant! I'm surprised David Cameron hasn't thought of oxygen tax himself!! British council house dwellers now have to pay tax if they have a spare bedroom!