Sunday, April 21, 2013


bored? who, me?
just because I'm sitting here
watching snow melt
on this cloudy cold day

slow melting snow
paint dries faster
so very much faster
you think I'm bored?

that's just crazy thinking
oh, look, a bird
hi birdie
fly birdie flay

bored? me?
where would you get
a crazy idea like that?

look, there's an ant!


Karen S. said...

I sure can relate to that feeling, but what word to give it, I'm still wondering. Yes, I too had the melting snow, and 49! degrees but with rain, and more rain today and then are you ready, turning over to 4 to 8 inches of that WHITE stuff, and then you know, more what do we call it really????????

richard said...

How about snow-madness? Thank you, Karen. Our snowiest April, ever...Guess we got about another foot last night, that lovely white stuff!!

Helena said...

Boredom at it's best. It's amazing what we come up with to try pass the time.

richard said...

Thank you, Helena.