Saturday, February 9, 2013


so, I say to her, will you.......
she says, when pigs fly

I say, just saw one fly by
she says, you lie

which made me cry
she said, you're leaving

and I ashed why
she says, I have a date

and its not with you
and I asked why

she said, if I tell you
I'll have to kill you

I said good-bye
and I know pigs don't fly


and i do, often
same old, same old
time for an overhaul

shine things up a bit
throw in some color
flames, dry ice

pull someone's pants
pinch a tit, or two
get fish drunk

write our names
in flaming hot colors
on a water tower
then......jump off

play leapfrog with.........
well, that's optional
wise to ask her
before I jump her

a fool is a fool
is what a fool will do

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