Saturday, June 16, 2012


i come and i go
and i last about as long
as a June snow.

but that
you already know.

but now, too late,
they tell me;
just  take it slow.

i went outside to find myself.
she was outside looking for me.

i said to her, "have you seen me?"
she said, "no, have you?"

i said, "no, but I must be close.
i can smell my aftershave. 

she said, "yes, you do smell like you."
then she said, "when i find you

i may just decide to kill you."
i said, "yes, i feel that way too."

her magic, sweet magic
just look and see
what her sweet magic
has done for me
here stand a prince
where once ugly stood
oh, her sweet beautiful magic
just look what she's made of me

she makes his mouth water
shape of things to come
he longs to suck her tongue

table for one

he wants to borrow 
a hundred bucks
and we tell him
he'd have better luck
getting a blow job

good luck with that

tomorrow's Sunday
we'll sleep late
and try and forget
a hundred bucks
and the coming
work week

and blow jobs


rch said...

I absolutely love this one!

richard said...

Thank you, rch. Snow wouldn't last long around here these days. 106 yesterday. Ouch!