Saturday, September 10, 2011


Our body knows,
even if we don't,
that we are
growing old,
and it is time
to stop
all the foolishness;
trying to do
all those things
we could do
fifty years ago.

So, now,
here i sit,
from some of that
I knew
I should not do,
but did
I'm an old fool.

for the life of me
can't see life beyond me
and that scares
the crap right out of me

falseness surrounds this
faint distant light 
calling, but not calling
doors opening and closing

and i keep rising
and falling
but mostly falling
and crows are circling

and diversity
the defining factor
between crows and light
between average and unique


Ygraine said...

Perhaps it is better to be the 'Old Fool' than to give up on the foolish (but fun) things in life! I hope I never do:)

richard said...

You're probably right, Ygraine. And when the pain subsides, I may even try it again.