Tuesday, August 16, 2011


trust in the dog
to bury
it's own bone.

Just leave the dog alone.
It will come home
when it runs out of bones.

Throw me a bone.


there is a myth to all of this
to all we see, hear, feel
even to that we breathe
and yes, none is real
for that is the myth

from the very beginning
until the very end of time
it will all have been this myth
and all the truths foreseen
will wither beneath this myth

and then, when we finally wake
will we be witness, this myth?
or wander lost
among the shadows of this myth?
lost forever in its empty realm?
wandering lost 
with  shadow at the helm?

1 comment:

richard said...

Sorry, Lena. I lost your comment for this post.
But, to answer your question; I've been well trained in the art of catching.