Saturday, August 27, 2011


open your eyes, my pretty,
before tomorrow's dawn;
for the sun makes me rather silly,
as you will hear in my song.

I will teach you love, my pretty.
the night is ours for play.
the words in my song are rather witty,
even though I have little to say.

with thought I will teach;
this thing I must teach you to feel.
I will take you places no can reach.
in this night your love I will steal.

the dawn does drive me down
beneath the morning glow,
to a place that abides no sound.
to a place you must never know.

show me your heart, my pretty.
lift up your eyes to my darkness;
this darkness which must hide me
in a place that renders me sightless.

this soulless body burns for you;
rising when the sun is to bed.
I long to make your dreams come true.
with this body that sleeps with the dead.

alas, in your dreams I am but a fool.
and, in time, I will simply fade away.
but this night I will share with you.
come my pretty, be not afraid.

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