Saturday, June 25, 2011


as a humorist, poet and dictator,
I see much more of myself than
I normally would. and probably
reveal more of myself, to myself

than my mirror has to offer. but
believe me when I say, I'm not
made of clay. so go easy with the
hand cream. there's an image

of myself going around, looking
more like a teacher than a humorist,
poet or dictator. aside from that,
there's not much more I can add

to this without revealing a side
of me better left to sleep it off.
looking back I can see where
my mirror has been telling lies

about me. however, having told
so many lies, I can see where the
mirror would start picking up some
of my bad habits. 


Darwin Bruno said...

Interesante, me gusto'.Fue un placer leerte y visitarte. Seguiré visitándote y te seguiré con el permiso tuyo amigo.Que tengas un buen día.

Lena said...

Hey! Hey! Tickled me pink, this poem did!! Great blog btw - I love your quirkiness!!