Sunday, September 10, 2017


solitary drinkers drink alone.
nah, I made that up.
solitary drinkers drink in solitary groups.
nah, made that up, too.

don't know a damned thing about
solitary drinkers.
close the door on your way out.
and don't slam it this time!

if one need say bang,
one should say bang with emphases
on bang;
making it understood
one meant band and not dang.

hope this helps all you
well meaning bang enthusiasts.
if not, well then, just dang it.

did it hurt reading this?
understandable if it did.
it hurts just writing this.

does this mean our love affair in over/

curious as all hell,
although hell has not card to play
in all of this.

and in light of day,
all our hard work began to pay
dividends, until taxes
stole all our hard earned pay.

blood money, some would say.
shattering dreams.

curriculum at highest point of ingenuity.
human ingenuity makes greatest happen.
smart people say little, while dumb people
bark their heads off
you're looking good. are you dieting?

working out? whatever you're doing, keep it up
you're looking wonderful, truly.
would not lie about something
so very important, as your beauty.
sorry, no, don't validate parking.

we are what we are, is all we are.
certainly no more that that.
a scant scent of what we are,
all rolled up in a hot jam jar;
most of bent on getting fat.

someone writing like this,
sure as hell won't make them very far;
other than, probably,
the writers scrap heap jar.
let us  think habeas corpus.

and that dread disease, curiosity
kills much more than cats.

grew up being exactly what I didn't want to be.
dang it to heck; now I like being this that I am,
and don't make apologizes for what I am. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017


synchronized thinking.
 programmed brains for sale. 
one brain fits all. 
no money back guarantees.
what could possibly go wrong?

because the duck did not duck,
duck became supper
for that enterprising hunter.

let this be a warning to all duck
to remember and duck
and not become sustenance
for every hotshot with a gun
needing to show his/her
wild, imposing side.

quack quack!

having no place to go and
all the time in world just to get there,
may seem a dream to some
while providing great confusion
to so many others.
and even boring as hell
to so many more.

summer has been a cruel  bastard.
and summer, still so very young.
hot and dry, uniform of the day,
and everyday from here to hell and gone. 
so much suffering; human and wildlife. 
winter so very far away. 

I did what any fool would do
when a fool is properly fooled 
by a properly enshrined fool.
threw myself at feet of queen foolishness.

and there linger, receiving proper punishment,
as only queen of punishment sees fit
for this foolish old fool. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017


everybody knows, yet ain't no one talking.
talks is cheap, accomplishing very little.
so no one wastes time with talk;
just satisfied blowing it all out their noses;
succeeding beyond wildest imaginations.
have found screaming sometimes helps,
at times such as this. 
don't hold back. let it all go:

thought I was something, but
she showed me I wasn't much of anything.
at least not all the much to make a big fuss over;
nothing to get overly excited over.

yah, it hurt, finding out 
I wasn't much more than 
a poop sandwich on toast.
reality is a bitch, and should be illegal.
once we learn this, we can then
get on with getting it on;
forgetting we ain't much more
than poop on toast. 

we live in our own consequence
of our own making.
also in our own shadows
and death makes all come to terms. 

I've become nonchalant,
for no particular reason known,
other than it felt of darn good
becoming nonchalant.

and side effects are wonderful.
wake up, now, on top of bed
and under with all those dust bunnies.
but dread is dread, and
should not be mistaken for
dust bunnies under the bed. 

contemplate contemplation
on a level only seen in oblivion;
a reckless sort of knowing.

pretentious old souls
sharing nothing of their descent.
their dying words lost
in a dark and ugly shadow wind.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


had an epiphany;
took it to toilet and flushed it.
next day it was back.
flushed it again and again and again.
damned thing would not flush!

aggravating, to be sure.
one bad ass epiphany, to be sure. 
but that's life;
some epiphanies flush, some don't. 

have solace in the simple fact,
devil has enough problems
and doesn't need any of ours.

actually, this sort of sucks;
was so looking forward,
dropping all my crap on devil's lap.

Monday, July 10, 2017


as far as incognito rendezvous go,
whether east, west, up or down,
then deciding whether dangerous
or just for a public viewing show.

and finally, deciding who to hang or who
to honor in the public show of affection.
and later deciding who to flog.
hopefully won't be me or you as we sing
wee, wee, wee, all the way home.

something lascivious, then?
oh, please, not another gargoyle
lost in lingerie isle in Walmart?

come on, that story gets old, fast!
nothing gives a guy nightmares
faster than gargoyles dressed in
latest fashion of Walmart lingerie

oh, squeeze me, mama;
I'm feeling the need!

there is a truth
a truth so unbearable
it begs for death

a death so reproachable
it begs for life 
a life so apprehinsible 

truth never enters the equation 
and life and death
duel for supremacy 

letting go  of one's inhibitions
seemed a good idea at the time.
but now, so it seems, 
someone may have lied. 

however, that proverbial bird of paradise
long ago fled the nest;
searching for so much more
than paradise ever could procure.

some psycho clown routine;
old, tired and stupid.
but at same time, wonderfully
clever for a routine dead
longer than vaudeville. 

but, hey, guy's gotta do
and screw the consequences.
and don't shoot the messenger.
that's just plain nasty.