Wednesday, July 19, 2017


had an epiphany;
took it to toilet and flushed it.
next day it was back.
flushed it again and again and again.
damned thing would not flush!

aggravating, to be sure.
one bad ass epiphany, to be sure. 
but that's life;
some epiphanies flush, some don't. 

have solace in the simple fact,
devil has enough problems
and doesn't need any of ours.

actually, this sort of sucks;
was so looking forward,
dropping all my crap on devil's lap.

Monday, July 10, 2017


as far as incognito rendezvous go,
whether east, west, up or down,
then deciding whether dangerous
or just for a public viewing show.

and finally, deciding who to hang or who
to honor in the public show of affection.
and later deciding who to flog.
hopefully won't be me or you as we sing
wee, wee, wee, all the way home.

something lascivious, then?
oh, please, not another gargoyle
lost in lingerie isle in Walmart?

come on, that story gets old, fast!
nothing gives a guy nightmares
faster than gargoyles dressed in
latest fashion of Walmart lingerie

oh, squeeze me, mama;
I'm feeling the need!

there is a truth
a truth so unbearable
it begs for death

a death so reproachable
it begs for life 
a life so apprehinsible 

truth never enters the equation 
and life and death
duel for supremacy 

letting go  of one's inhibitions
seemed a good idea at the time.
but now, so it seems, 
someone may have lied. 

however, that proverbial bird of paradise
long ago fled the nest;
searching for so much more
than paradise ever could procure.

some psycho clown routine;
old, tired and stupid.
but at same time, wonderfully
clever for a routine dead
longer than vaudeville. 

but, hey, guy's gotta do
and screw the consequences.
and don't shoot the messenger.
that's just plain nasty.

Monday, July 3, 2017


what does not resonate,
probably segregates,
but maybe not.

and love can be so very capricious,
but usually not so much so.
unless black and blue bubble over,
becoming a midnight to dawn stew.

but probably not.

and when bitten, bite back.
this is good advice.
one should always be open to good advice.
no need going anywhere else
for some cheap advice.

don't get no better than right here, really.
and you're plum welcome.
always happy to help out
with timely useful good advice.

oh, bite me, sweet thing! bite me!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


no need reminding one's self
yesterday is yesterday
and yesterday should be left
to ferment in its own juices
for proper taste and aid
in the aging process.

and unexpected complications
such as suddenly dying, for example.
certainly unexpected, not to mention
complicating matters terribly.
throwing one's schedule to the wind,
when one becomes suddenly dead.

Friday, June 9, 2017


doing what needs doing without interference;
not easily done in the times of burning unrest.
mayhem in city streets, blowing up ill winds.
not knowing whom, what trustworthy.
poor folk getting poorer.
rich folk increase their wealth, untold.
but that's the way of things these days.
and has been for centuries, untold;
most likely for centuries to come, foretold.
what humanity needs is a good spanking
for letting things come to this.
we are all, all of us, to blame for this.
enough blame to pass around
forever and a day, forevermore.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


our natural inclinations,
separating one from another,
depend on our IQs proving
our inclinations on the
straight and narrow.

none intractable,
reading from book of
deep headiness.

leaving retractors in deep
distress, while
stretching a few wantonness
what we became, after years
of practice, sets the course
for our final arrival;
our final destination;
escaping our lifelong fears.

dust to dust, they say.
so, okay, dust to dust, then.

don't panic. but if you must,
panic somewhere else;
I don't need the mess.
thank you.

The screaming, mostly steady,
but not necessarily excessively;
but why quibble over semantics?

fanatics need untie, now,
to escape the madness coming down,
fixing to tear us a new one.

well, we're in an insane society, so....

 having been one,
gone off the deep end a time or two.
but only to check just how deep
and sleep deprivation.
not to mention commonsense
deficiency causing wide range
of mood swings; causing serious
ringing in one's central lobe.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Now the field of battle is a land of standing corpses;
those determined to die will live;
those who hope to escape with their lives will die.

W U  C H 'I

those ghosts of yesteryear are still there, waiting.
waiting for us to come full circle.
and we will, we must, we know no different.
we, all of us, must come full circle;
it is part of our DNA.

An enemy that commits a false ruined,
and it comes on him with an impetuosity 
that allows him no time to recover.

Cuthbert Collingwood  (1748-1810)

Desperate affairs require desperate remedies. 

Nelson (1758-1805)

No matter what may be the ability of the officer,
if he loses the confidence of his troops 
disaster must sooner or later ensue.

R.E. Lee, August 1863